The second day of camp began a little cold and raining. However, the first lesson was dry enough to teach outside. Throughout the morning lessons I heard many loud bursts of laughter from around the campground, always a good sign of a good time.

When we realized the rain was coming, there was a chaotic rush as we developed plans for the placement of each class. The second English session went smoothly after we all were placed somewhere dry. Some people were placed inside, and others were placed outside under a clear tarp. 

For Lunch we had spaghetti noodles with meat and carrots, borscht, bread, and tea. After lunch was free time. Since it wasn’t raining too badly at that point, a few people played outside, and a very intense game of volleyball ensued. I overheard many different conversations where some of the students were asking Americans about Christianity and the Bible, which was incredibly uplifting to hear.

The third session was inside as well, my class personally took it upon themselves to turn the tables and teach us a little Russian. One of my younger students taught me the words for “eyelash”, “teacher”, “braid”, “hand”, and “paint”; the only plan she had was to teach me something, as long as it was Russian.

After the last class we had an American dinner that consisted of fried chicken with Chik-fil-a sauce, Spanish rice, and Broccoli salad. 

For the evening show, we went through the southern region of America. We played a few games and sang “Sweet Home Alabama”, and “Forever Reign”. The rest of the night was spent talking and laughing.  It was nice to see that our English students were comfortable enough to joke with us, and in a few cases, roast us. I love seeing all the different relationships that are forming, between Americans,  between Americans and Russians. Although the days are tiring, this is one adventure I am proud to be a part of.

With all the love humanly possible,


Nathanael quickly became a part of the late night show band.

Nathanael quickly became a part of the late night show band.