Philippians 3: 12-14

Keywords: apostle, Paul, works, rubbish, loss, Christ, Jesus, power, fellowship, grace, prize

8 Reasons for pressing on:
1) Spiritual growth glorifies God
2) Provides proof of your regeneration
3) Verifies the transforming power of the gospel
4) Encourages you and gives assurance of your salvation
5) Protects you from sorrows and tragedies associated with spiritual weakness
6) Protects the name of Jesus by lessening the chance of bringing reproach upon His name
7) Produces joy and usefulness for service to the body as you encourage one another to press on.  Believers need each other.  The body of Christ knows no Lone Ranger Christian.
8) Enhances and promotes your ability to witness to the lost.  The more you love Him, the more you love the lost who don't know Him.