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Sunday Evening

True Confession

Psalm 51

Keywords: David, iniquity, transgression, sin, evil, loving-kindness, compassion, cleansing, washing, purity, wisdom, joy

Triumphant Trust

Psalm 3

Keywords: David, distress, confidence, deliverance, shield

Do Not Sin

1 John 2: 1

Keywords: deity, sin, exhortation, sinless, Jesus

Is He Worth It?

Luke 9: 23-26

Keywords: challenge, self-denial, follow, devotion, life, profit, loss

Joy in Affliction

Lamentations 3

Keywords: hope, joy, suffering, trial, pain, Christian

The Tides Turn

Esther 5 & 6

Keywords: providence, sovereignty, anger, wisdom

A Call to Action

Various Texts

Keywords: exile, application, judgement, timidity, Mordecai, Haman, Hathach, crisis, resignation

Back To The Reformation Pt. 4

Various Texts

Keywords: Calvinism, Arminianism, Reformation, Predestination, God’s Choice, Will, TULIP