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How to Share Jesus Without Fear (Pt. 5)

Various Texts

Keywords: evangelize, fishers of men, church, mission

Culture of Evangelism:
1. Motivated by a love for Christ and the Gospel
2. Confident in the Gospel
3. Understands the danger of entertainment
4. Sees people clearly


How to Share Jesus Without Fear (Pt. 1)

Various Texts

Keywords: evangelism, fear, love, compassion, obedience, gospel


 Excuses for not sharing the Gospel:

1. We don't know their language.

2. It's illegal.

3. It would cause problems at work.

4. Other things seem more important.

5. It's not my job.

6. I don't know enough.

7. I don't know any unbelievers.

8. I'm afraid of being rejected.

9. We don't have a great enough love for people.


Plan to stop not evangelizing:

1. We need to pray more

2. Plan a way to share the gospel

3. Accept the fact that it IS our job

4. Need to understand that God uses obedient people, not gifted people

5. Need to be faithful

6. Take more risks

7. Prepare to engage people

8. Look out for opportunities

9. Loving other people

10. Redirect our fear

11. Stop blaming God and His sovereignty

12. Repent