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Rejoice in the Lord

Philippians 3: 1

Keywords: bless, God, rejoice, Lord, joy, praise, hymns, Christ

Be Content

Philippians 4: 10-13

Keywords: Philippians, generosity, Paul, circumstances, contentment, content, self-sufficiency, Christ, strength, need, humble, prosperity

In Everything Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5: 18

Keywords: God, goodness, grace, thanks, thankfulness, ungratefulness, sin

To Live Is Christ

Philippians 1: 21

Keywords: ultimate, purpose, glorify, God, Christ, person, exalted, preached, devotion

Paul's Love for the Church

Philippians 1:8

Keywords: Paul, love, affection, emotion, believers, church, fellowship, gospel

Living Upside Down

Matthew 5: 13-20

Keywords: believers, church, salt, earth, light, law, truth, world, gospel

You Can't Do It

John 15: 1-11

Keywords: true, false, believers, branches, Christ, vine, vinedresser, fruit, prune, Father, abide, love

Freedom Indeed!

John 8: 31-36

Keywords: Jesus, Jews, disciples, slave, sin, Son, free

Why Should We Care?

Luke 15: 1-32

Keywords: missions, evangelism, Muslims, Middle-East, Hispanics, immigrants, refugees, Christ, lost, sheep, coin, prodigal, son, rejoicing, salvation

Run with Endurance

Hebrews 12: 1-3

Keywords: race of faith, Christ, author & perfecter of faith

The Mission

Various Texts

Keywords: mission, great commision