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True Christian Service

Romans 1:8-12

Keywords: gratitude, sincerity, love, service, fake, hypocrisy, guilt, love, motivation, joy

Is He Worth It?

Luke 9: 23-26

Keywords: challenge, self-denial, follow, devotion, life, profit, loss

Joy in Affliction

Lamentations 3

Keywords: hope, joy, suffering, trial, pain, Christian

Confession of Sin

1 John 1: 8-10

Keywords: sin, denial, grace, deceiving, truth, confess, confession, faithful, righteous, forgive, forgiveness, cleanse, God, holy, judgment, chasten, guilt, iniquity, wash, restoration

For To Us a Son is Given

Various Texts

Keywords: Christmas, Luke, Isaiah, Matthew, Jesus, Nativity, Gospel

Tender Mercy (Pt. 2)

Luke 1: 76-79

Keywords: Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, prophecy, Isaiah, forerunner, Messiah, redemption, New Covenant

The Prophecy of the King

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Isaiah 6-9

Keywords: Christmas, Ahaz, Isaiah, Immanuel, virgin, prophecy, Mary, Jesus

Tender Mercy

Luke 1: 67-79

Keywords: Christ, birth, Elizabeth, Zacharias, John, God, Israel, covenant, tender, mercy, salvation

Love One Another

1 John 4: 7-12

Keywords: love, brethren, christian attribute


Selected Texts

Keywords: Forgiveness, Grace, Mercy

God's Goodness

Various Texts

Keywords: God, goodness, kindness, patience, righteous, judgment, gospel, salvation

Bread of Life

John 6

Keywords: miracles, Jesus, power, plan, will of God


Various Texts

Keywords: Heaven, Jesus, joy, glory, righteousness, loved ones reunited

Good Friday Communion Service


Matthew 27: 1-54

Keywords: Christ, crucifixion, darkness, judgment, wrath, anger, sin, Hell, drink, death, earthquake, gospel, resurrection