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The Gospel of Matthew

New Year's Sermon

Matthew 5:13-16

Keywords: Salt, Light, Worldliness, Present Age, Evangelism

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28: 1-10

Keywords: choosing a church, expository preaching, historical resurrection, truth, gospel, empty tomb, stone, angel, Roman guards, earthquake

The Burial of Jesus Christ (Pt. 2)

Matthew 27: 57-66

Keywords: Arimathea, Joseph, Jesus, death, burial, body, tomb, resurrection, Mary, Magdalene, Pharisees, Pilate, guard, grave, secure

The Death of Jesus Christ (Pt. 2)

Matthew 27: 45-53

Keywords: Christ, God, forsaken, wrath, Father, Godhead, sin, Hell, Elijah, yield, spirit, temple, veil, torn, gospel

The Death of Jesus Christ

Matthew 27: 45-56

Keywords: Jesus, Christ, death, darkness, God, forsaken, Psalms, wrath, sin, substitute, gospel

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Pt. 1)

Matthew 27: 27-37

Keywords: Jesus, Christ, suffering, scourged, stripped, robe, crown, thorns, reed, beating, mocking, King, Jews, crucify, crucifixion

Jesus Before Pilate

Matthew 27: 11-26

Keywords: Jesus, innocent, Pilate, Romans, king, Jews, Barabbas, scourge, crucify

The Suicide of Judas

Matthew 27: 1-10

Keywords: priests, Pilate, Judas, betrayed, remorse, false, repentance, innocent, blood, suicide, hang, prophet