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Sunday Evening

Back To The Reformation Pt. 4

Various Texts

Keywords: Calvinism, Arminianism, Reformation, Predestination, God’s Choice, Will, TULIP

The Prophecy of the King

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NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this sermon is missing certain portions.

Isaiah 6-9

Keywords: Christmas, Ahaz, Isaiah, Immanuel, virgin, prophecy, Mary, Jesus

Back to Reformation

Various Texts

Keywords: Wycliff, Huss, Luther, Melanchthon

Paul Sails for Rome

Acts 27:1-44

Keywords: Paul, shipwreck, leadership, sovereignty

Love One Another

1 John 4: 7-12

Keywords: love, brethren, christian attribute

Providential Protection

Acts 23:12-35

Keywords: Providence, Concurrence, Ordain, Sovereignty, Miracles, Anxiety, Government