Grab your parka and snow boots! With this VBS 2017 curriculum, we’re headed deep into the stunning Arctic Circle that is filled with treasure and thrilling to explore! And be sure to pack your Bible—we’ll be learning all about that breathtakingly beautiful Book that is filled with treasure and thrilling to explore! As we venture into the cold tundra, we’ll discover that the BIBLE:

Is the Book of Books, unique in every way!

Has had an Incredible Impact upon our world!

Is the Bedrock Base of our lives!

Is a Letter of Love in which God tells us how we can become His children!

Is Exciting to Explore as we learn it, love it, and live it!

Let’s plunge on in to this cold world and God’s wonderful Word! Operation Arctic promises to be a flurry of fun and excitement at Cornerstone Bible Church in Xenia, OH, 2017!

When: July 10th-14th, 6:15pm-8:30pm

Where: Cornerstone Bible Church, 45 West Church Street Xenia, OH 45385

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